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We will also be starting a interesting and information education articles section featuring all kinds of great write ups about all kinds of kids games.

Multumim de vizita si speram ca iti plac acest joculete pentru scolari. Spune si prietenilor tai despre noi si despre faptul ca se pot distra aici. Sa ai o zi buna!

Other card games can be played directly on the web page without downloading any software. One example is our next page where you can Play Solitaire in a different presentation yet with all the fun.
The same old Mario and his brother Luigi are turning the world upside trying to rescue the beautiful princess. Have a look and try our Mario Games but don't get too addicted. Or maybe do that if you have enough time on your hands.

Rocketboard Rocket Board Game

Jump twice and hold to do a board grab. Hold left or right while jumping to flip.

Chopix Chopix Adventures Game

Draw your own path, accelerate and jump to collect all of the items before the finish!

Rock Board Rock Board Game

Use your left and right arrow keys to move your character backward and forwards and use the spacebar to jump. Complete all 12 trails to win the game and get your free music download.

Cosmonaut Cosmonaut Game

Destroy asteroids to collect Cazmo coins. Be careful not to run out of fuel.

Mountain Rolling Mountain Rolling Game

Throwing yourself down a hill-side has never been so much fun. Get inside your sphere and launch yourself down the hill-side.

Beat Burgler Beat Burgler Game

Watch the house carefully. As soon as you see a window or door open, use your mouse to close it as quickly as you can.

Virtual Ski Virtual Ski Game

Use the mouse to control your character. Moving the mouse left or right will speed up or slow you down. Hold the spacebar or press the mouse button to charge a jump, and release to jump.

Flying Kiwi Flying Kiwi Game

Help the kiwi birds fly by collecting the stars to power up the engine.

Space Blaster Space Blaster Game

Use the left and right arrows to rotate the ship. Use the up arrow to accelerate. Hold the space button to fire your blaster.

Turtle Hockey Turtle Hockey Game

Use the mouse to control your shell. Hit the puck into your opponents goal on the opposite side of the table.

Bluscape Bluscape Game

Shoot, punch, zap and crush your way through four of the most intense and addictive mini-games this side of the Bluscape Nebula!

Rooftop Runner Rooftop Runner Game

Use the arrow keys to run and jump. Run as fast as you can to run your 10k event. Collect as much sponsorship money as you can.

Knight Knight Game

Dress your knight and control the speed of your horse and the direction of your lance with the SPACEBAR.

Dune Buggy Dune Buggy Game

Use the arrow keys to move. Use the space button to jump.

Gold Fishing Gold Fishing Game

Press the mouse button to shoot the hook and collect the gold and make lots of money.

Disc Shooting Disc Shooting Game

Click the mouse to shoot the flying discs to gain points.

Jumping Arrows Jumping Arrows Game

Press the arrow keys according to the arrows shown as quickly as possible. If you miss the correct arrow you will be shocked...

Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine Game

Help pilot the little yellow submarine through the cave of doom, far below in the depths of the ocean. Use your space bar to make your sub buoyant and release to drop.